Sher's Training

Ongoing training with the Rolf Institute to better serve clients.

She is also in a writers group to enhance her ability to communicate and is in the process of publishing several books.


Rolfing Goals

The goal of Rolfing is to free the shortened fascia...

to all the muscles to return to a more balanced relationship. When the myofascial system is organized, gravity causes it to uplift and align the body's segments.

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Hypnosis may be beneficial to the client

She works along with some Psychotherapists to help facilitate quicker and more in depth healing. This type of Hypnosis therapy however is not Psychotherapy.

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  • GWA
    I am a 75  yo female with severe scoliosis.  Some of the issues with this condition are...
  • KJ
    I highly recommend Sher to anyone who has tried EVERYTHING else - Chiropractic, massage, physical therapy etc. ...
  • GA
    Sher is able to immediately target the right spot when I am in pain. I spend a lot...


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Sher Stone-Wightman

Each Rolfing session builds upon the results of the previous one, so that the results are cumulative.

Each session has a specific purpose to remove strain from a particular area of the body and work towards holism with the entire body. The goal is to result in better balance, enhance freedom of movement and a higher energy level.



Sher's Advice


Each person reacts differently after a rolfing session. You may find you need to rest for awhile, or ....

page1-pic5A few slow exercises

You may find it helpful, after a session to do a few slow exercises, or ...


Some have a need to walk for 20 minutes or so...

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  • Sher’s Book is Published!
    Sher began writing experiential stories while visiting a few places she really enjoyed. All her stories were written on the scene. Her personal style of...